Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter, August 2013

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Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter
August 2013

Monday, August 19    6:30 pm, Hardesty Library, Frossard Auditorium

Special Guest Speaker
Rachel Wimpey: “The Importance of a Good Drawing”
Owner of Tulsa’s newest Fine Art Gallery, Willowbrush Studio/Gallery; Rachel has exhibited her work in multiple museums, including Gilcrease Museum as the youngest artist invited for the 2011 Collector's Reserve show and sale. A dynamic speaker and teacher, Rachel continues to share her art in workshops and classes for all ages, beginners to advanced, at her Willowbrush Art Studio +Gallery in Tulsa, which represents over twenty U.S. and International artists. Rachel knows the importance of a good drawing and will do a demonstration with a live model, and share tips on gallery representation.
From:  Tulsa, OK

August Helpers:
 “Cookie Angels”  Fernanda Thompson, Hannelore Ramanayake, Janie Crean, Jan Heffner. 
 Please bring 3 dozen sweets (brownies, mini muffins, cookies, or any treat of your choice).
“Table Decorator”  Janie Crean.


AUG 6-29 NORTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY SHOW,    August 30 –pick up art work
OCTOBER 5   (Saturday) 

UTICA SQUARE SHOW,  Info & entry forms available online and at Aug. 19 meeting
If you have any questions about this art show, please contact Exhibits Chairman Janette Head at
Your original Art work can be displayed for sale to the general public.

NOVEMBER 5-23   TCC SHOW—Show to be judged
November 4 drop off art work
Nov 7 Artist Reception 6:30 -8pm
Nov 25 pickup art work 10-12

Please contact Jacque Gonzales at Ziegler’s, 918-584-2217 or via email: with news of any member who is ill, having surgery, or has experienced a loss.  She will send out a card from Alpha Rho Tau.  Thanks.

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