2012 Programs

2012 Alpha Rho Tau Programs
Hardesty Regional Library 
6:30 p.m. third Monday of each month
March through November
8316 East 93rd Street, Tulsa, OK (918) 250-7307

March 19, 2012….    Donald J. Pearson: “30 Years of Paintings in Color Pencil”
Don will project slides of his paintings in color pencils and talk about his work experience as an artist.
From: Tulsa, OK

April 16, 2012……    Doug Henderson: “African Impressions”
Doug will project slides of his photographs and talk about his experience as a photographer in Africa. His work was shown in the Philbrook Museum in summer 2011.
From: Owasso, OK
Website .................     http://www.douglashenderson.com/

May 21, 2012……    Roy Dale: “Art Natural Evolution in a Changing World”
Roy is an oil painter using variety of styles in his work.  He will bring samples of his paintings and talk about them.   
From: Coweta, OK

June 18, 2012……    Jessie Ghere: “Art is NOT Singular”
Jessie works with oils, pencil, pastel, pen &ink, she does sculpting and scrimshaw. There will be presentation of her artwork. She will be doing a demo of scrimshaw.
From:  Sapulpa, OK

July 16, 2012 ……    Jim Roaix: “Breathing Life into Stone” 
Jim is a versatile artist; a painter, a sculptor in wood, soapstone and alabaster, a jewelry maker. He will exhibit several smaller pieces of sculpture and describe the circumstances which brought him to stone and explain his relationship to it.
From:  Tahlequah, OK

August 20, 2012…..    Richard Coones: “The Technique of Perspective Drawing”
Richard will explain methods of constructing an image with perspective, what is essential tool to create an illusion of 3D on a 2D plane and show how they are used by artists.
From:  Tulsa, OK

Sept 17, 2012.…..    Gil Adams : ”Plein Air Impressionist Techniques in Oil”
Gil will be doing a demo of a landscape projected on the screen of his computer and demonstrate the techniques as close as possible to a plein air painting since we can not be outside.
From:  Tulsa, OK
Website ................ http://giladams.net
Blog ..................... http://giladamspaintings.blogspot.com/

Oct.15, 2012…..…    Dian Church: “Three Dimensional Painting”
Dian will be doing a demo of hand shaping clay into various subjects on a board and then painting them with acrylics.
From:  Tulsa, OK

Nov 19, 2012……    Martin Dale: ”Landscape in Pastels”
Dale is designated a Master Pastelist by the Pastel Society
of America. He will be doing a demo.
From:  Oilton, OK

Dec 2012………...    Christmas Luncheon
…..details will be forthcoming.