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Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter July, 2013

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Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter

  July 2013

Happy July 4th!  A day to give thanks for our independence!   “Thank You” to all the men and women who have served our country, it is because of them that we have our freedoms and can grow stronger as a country and we are grateful.
 It’s also a good time to reflect and say “Thank You” to all the men and women who have volunteered to serve in leadership positions in any capacity in our Tulsa A.R.T. throughout its 82 years of existence. Without you, this club would not be possible.  It takes a lot of volunteers to make a meeting work: hospitality, membership, treasurer, exhibits, phone callers, people who do the work of setting up and tearing down the meeting room every month…and we are grateful to all of you for your hard work and dedication which makes this club what it is.  We hope and expect that each year will be better than the previous and we can grow with the changing trends of our society, while holding on to the traditions that make our foundation strong!
 I’ve given a lot of praise to our current leadership for their hard work and dedication, and teamwork is what makes the dream work!  All those who volunteer are so appreciated. Sometimes the people out in front get a lot of credit, but we all know without you, it would not work!
This year, there have been some new changes in speakers, but I want you to know that all the speakers we have had in the past are wonderful.  I do feel the need to clarify a statement I made in the last email, so no feelings will be hurt.  When I say we have “higher caliber” speakers this year, and our President and VP are working hard this year, I am not saying that any of our past speakers or volunteers were not good quality or working hard…
I am saying that We are fortunate to have some speakers coming this year that haven’t done speaking engagements before, or they are hard to get…and they are agreeing to come to A.R.T. this year due to some great networking and contacts. It’s exciting to have speakers that have never spoken at A.R.T. before, and the speakers we have coming this year have a broad range of experiences, talents and accomplishments. They have traveled internationally, worked for companies or been chosen out of thousands in the nation to be honored for their artistic creations, and we in turn honor them and their life experiences: cultural differences, and exposure to people, places, and life  which takes them out of the ordinary and places them in an extraordinary category as seasoned artists.
 The goal of our new President and Vice-President is to bring to you new speakers that can challenge your growth as an artist and give you golden nuggets that can enhance your skills and training in any medium you work in, and we hope that each year will be better than the past year….not discounting the previous years, but adding to and enhancing the foundation and hard work already done.
And, WE HOPE that next year will be better than this year and every year better than that.
Like flowers, we grow and bloom every year and this year is blooming and booming at A.R.T.
DID YOU KNOW?   Alpha Rho Tau is going social and we are on facebook now!
Facebook/ Tulsa Art Club Alpha Rho Tau

Here's A Word from A.R.T. President --Vinicio Perez and Vice-President Arielle Monks:
We invite you to our July 15th meeting at Alpha Rho Tau. JULY IS A SPECIAL MONTH……WE HAVE A DOUBLE HEADER OF SPEAKERS!  We start promptly at 6:30 and end by 8:30 pm.
Marcos COTTI,  was scheduled for May, but due to Tornados in Tulsa we had to cancel our meeting…..but  COTTI   IS COMING !!!!!  He will do a live demo of a portrait in oil ….and
Lopeeta Tawde will also be speaking and doing a live demo on Vivid watercolor. She is an amazing young artist and accomplishing lovely work at her stage in the game. You will be excited to see some of her pieces.

WE EXPECT A BIG CROWD THIS MONTH….Please come and enjoy our speakers and invite your friends.   This is COTTI’s only Tulsa speaking engagement and Lopeeta is moving…

July 15, 2013…… COTTI: “The Old Dutch School of Oil Painting”
An internationally renowned artist, Marcos Cotti, known simply as COTTI, will explain his artistic style and the techniques upon which he draws to create oil paintings. At 16 yrs. old he was commissioned to paint stage actress Josephine Baker; and commissioned by Orson Welles to do his portrait and traveled with him throughout Europe working on movie sets. He has been commissioned to do portraits of many great artists and musicians such as Marlene Dietrich, Louis Armstrong, BB King, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and many others. Cotti will be doing a live demonstration of a portrait in oil. Below is a link of an article featuring Marcos Cotti.
From: Las Vegas, NV now residing in Muskogee, OK    Check out this recent article on COTTI:

also on   July 15, 2013…… Lopeeta Tawde: “Simple Techniques for Vivid Watercolor”
Fascinated by the simplistic beauty that nature exhibits, Lopeeta will share her minimalist approach to reflect natural colors, textures, and compositions with a play on light and shade to create vivid, transparent, vibrant landscapes in abstract form. She will do a demo of a piece she is currently working on and bring works of her watercolors and metal smith /jewelry design.
From: Stillwater, OK
Check out two of her AMAZING pieces on our A.R.T. facebook page

 July Helpers:
 “Table Decorator”  Karin Cermak.
 “Cookie Angels”  Sandi Willhite, Sonia Sniderman, Ida Mae Sells and Karin Cermak.

“Decorators” plan on arriving a little early (6:15), so we can set up the table for all our “Angels” and members. 
 “Cookie Angels,” please remember that we need 3 dozen sweets (brownies, mini muffins, cookies, or any treat of your choice) for the meeting.  THANK YOU!  We appreciate everyone who signed up to help!  We can’t do it without you important, very special and wonderful people!!!
 >> Of course anyone is welcome to bring sweets anytime, even if you are not on the list!!!        >>We are a hungry crew of almost 100 members and our membership is increasing
    (details for bringing items are listed on next page under hospitality---THANKS!!!!!!)
Entry forms and more info available online or at our July 15 meeting.

turn entry forms and fees in to: BYRENE CULVER, treasurer
Forms available online and at our July 15 meeting.
August 5- Drop off   10:30-12 noon
August 8- Artist Reception
August 30 –pick up art work


November 4 drop off art work
Nov 7  Artist Reception 6:30 -8pm
Nov 25 pickup art work 10-12

Thank you to all of you that are turning in business cards for artists you are finding in the community!
A special thanks to member MIKE C. WALKER who has brought several referrals!
Our Vice-President Arielle Monks needs your help. Arielle is collecting Artist’s names that may be potential speakers in the future for 2014 -2015.
Have you been somewhere and seen a great artist of any medium, oil pastel photography ceramics?
Do you know any artists that you would like to hear speak or see do a demo?

We don’t all go to the same places, so your input is vital and appreciated!  A.R.T. needs your input!
Please, keep your eyes and ears open and be on the lookout for great artists!
**Our March speaker, Todd A. Williams, came to us through our member Ida Mae’s referral from three years ago!  But it was his time to speak in March 2013!  (Thanks Ida Mae Sells!)
**Our July speaker, Marcus COTTI, came to us through our member Karin Cermak’s referral.
***Please get the Artists’ business cards or write their contact information down, and pass it on to our Vice-President Arielle Monks at the meetings or email her at:
Please contact Jacque Gonzales at Ziegler’s, 918-584-2217 or via email: with news of any member who is ill, having surgery, or has experienced a loss.  She will send out a card from Alpha Rho Tau.  Thanks.
Want greater exposure for your art? Get on the web free--
Members can send pictures of your paintings to be posted on our Web Site and facebook.
We’d love to have examples of your fabulous artwork in our gallery online.
Just email them to Bill Oswald (
WANTED:   Please help with any of the following items!  We can’t do it without you!
DOOR PRIZES---If you have anything to donate for door prizes, we’d appreciate it! If you have an item to donate for a door prize, please contact Jacque Gonzales at Ziegler’s Art at 918- 584-2217 or email She will beautify your donation with frame/mat, free of charge for us.
RAFFLE ITEMS---We need it all!   When you clean your art areas/closets, sow a seed! Remember us and donate your new or used items for a good cause:  raffle money goes to scholarship funds!

Raffle table!
BRING YOUR MONEY! You can get some great supplies that are being raffled off at a reasonable cost!  Remember, your donations help raise funds for the ART student scholarships at our monthly meetings. Let’s have fun!

BUY YOUR TICKETS, and listen for your number to be called during the meeting, but listen for the drawing, sshhh, if you don’t hear your number, you can’t claim your prize and someone else will get it.

We need items for door prizes and to raffle off at our meetings!
Let’s start off the year right, so if you can dig around, and find some goodies, or if you are cleaning out your studios, Keep A.R.T in mind!
We can use all your old art magazines (bundle in groups of 3), art books, canvases, brushes, etc. for our door prizes. Do you have a painting or anything to donate for the raffle table? Be a friend, donate!
If everyone can bring one item to donate, we will have a successful raffle!

If you know of any cool things happening around town, send us the info via email or facebook.
There are a lot of great meetings and art exhbits, but we don't all hear about them in time....please email and let me know of any so I can send them to our members!

FIRST FRIDAY    JULY 5TH     6-9 pm
Brady Arts District's FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK  (happens 1ST FRIDAY every month) for more info:
Philbrook Museum  Second Saturdays  FREE,  July 13, 10am– 4pm  is FREE entry!                 
Enjoy free Museum admission and family friendly, hands-on art-making projects on the second Saturday of each month. Presented by ONEOK, Inc.  Take your family & friends free!
Crystal Bridges Museum   in Bentonville, Arkansas…LOVELY!
Philbrook Museum exhibits:                                                  
Sherwin Miller Museum
Gilcrease Museum
Feel Free to email the newsletters to your friends, family, neighbors, galleries or businesses you frequent. Let’s get the word out. Print the flyer on the speaker and hand it out at your business!

Looking forward to seeing you all at our July 15 meeting! J      BE EARLY!  We start PROMPTLY at 6:30 pm