Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alpha Rho Tau Northeastern University Art Show

Mark your calendars now for our 2013 Northeastern University (Broken Arrow) Art Show August 6 through August 29th.  The exhibit will be judged and ribbons will be awarded.  An Artist's Reception is scheduled for the evening of August 8th.  Show information and entry forms may be accessed and printed at the bottom of this post.

Once you fill out your entry forms, you can turn them in at our next general meeting June 17 or mail them to our treasurer Byrene Culver, 8006 S. 75th E. Avenue, Tulsa, OK  74133.

Entry forms will also be available at our meeting.

Our Exhibit Chairman, Janette Head, emphasizes the following:

Critical Information

Our last exhibit had many paintings that did NOT match the entry forms. It is critical that all information must be the same on all forms: entry form, information on the back of your piece, and the title card at the exhibit.  Make sure you have accurate information posted on the back of your piece that matches your entry form.  If that information does not match, we will not display your painting and all fees are nonrefundable.

We will do everything we can to make sure all accurate information is recorded on the title cards, but we need your help making this possible.  Keep in mind these things:
  1. your price should include the price of your frame, 
  2. all information should be printed in English, 
  3. if you sign your painting with a nick-name, that name and a last name, should be listed as the artist on all forms, and 
  4. make a copy of your painting’s titles and prices that you have turned in on your entry form so you can be sure you are putting the same information on the back as you did on the entry form.
We hope these hints will help you prepare for our next exhibit at Northeastern University.  However, keep in mind that after the deadline of July 15th, THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES OR SUBSITUTIONS.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Click on this link for complete Show Information with directions, show guidelines and timeline.

Click on this link for the Entry Form to print and complete.  Entry deadline is July 15th.