Sunday, March 24, 2013

Posting Your Photos On Our Gallery

Posting Photos To Our Gallery

We encourage members to post up to five photos of their artwork to the Alpha Rho Tau Gallery.  As you add additional images beyond five we will archive your older images.

Please supply the titles for your artwork!

Email your jpeg photos to Bill Oswald at  Please use the subject "ART Gallery" to make your message easier to find!

Most digital cameras save your photos as jpeg files (sometimes identified with the jpg file extension).  We can convert other photo formats to jpeg, but you save us a step if you are sending a jpeg.

As an alternative to email, you may deliver the images on a CD to either Bill or Mary Oswald at one of our meetings.

Image Guidelines and Tips:

The image should be cropped to fit the dimensions of your painting.  You may show some mat in the image but we prefer to exclude the frame.

The image should have an appropriate size and resolution to display in our gallery.  If the jpeg has been saved at too low an image quality we may not be able to use it.  Select a medium or high quality setting when copying your photo to an email or CD.

For those concerned with such things, 72 dpi resolution and 500 pixels on the long edge of the image is adequate for our gallery.  We can handle higher resolution and image sizes just fine although that is not needed for the web. 

The photo should be taken from directly in front of the painting and not show items in the background.  Also watch out for reflections if your painting is already framed under class or acrylic.  You will have the best results if you photograph your artwork before you have it framed.