Monday, September 17, 2012

2013 ART Dues and Information Request Form

Dear ART member:

The weather is starting to turn cool (sigh of relief). The busy Christmas season won't be far behind. Give yourself a break from the rush of the season and a Christmas present and pay your ART dues ($25.00) now. Yes, we are accepting payment. Mail your payment to Byrene Culver.

Attached is a handy form to use when you make your payment. Please fill it out completely so we can:
  1. verify your members information and 
  2. we will know the areas where you would like to serve Alpha Rho Tau. 
To display correctly, the attachment must be in the "print layout" view (View/Print Layout).

By way of reminder, our next meeting is at 6:30 PM, Monday night, 17 September, at the Hardesty Library. Bring a friend.

Happy painting,

Jim Reynolds

2013 Alpha Rho Tau Dues and Information Request Form