Sunday, February 19, 2012

Awards from the November 7 TCC Show

Awarded Paintings at the TCC Show on November 7, 2011 by Art Judge Gary Moeller, Head of Art Department at the Rogers State University (RSU):

BEST OF SHOW:   Fancy Dancer by Renee Dotson

Category Oil:

1st Prize:  Alabama Forest  by Anne Southard
2nd Prize:  Abundance by Carla Hefley
3rd Prize:   Point Loma by Mary Maslanka
Honorable Mention: Clematis by Carla Hefley

Category Acrylic:

1st Prize:  Ancient Images by Renee Dotson
2nd Prize:  Nostalgia by Karin S. Cermak
3rd Prize:  Rock Solid by Renee Dotson
Honorable Mention: Pelican by Sandi Willwhite
                                 Butterfly Koi by Jill Brady

Category Watercolor:
1st Prize:  I Hope You Like Flowers III by Nancy Swindler
2nd Prize:  I Hope You Like Flowers IV by Nancy Swindler
3rd Prize:  Pingree Valley by Hubert Polock
Honorable Mention: Learning Water by Mary Oswald

Category Mixed Media:
1st Prize:  Untitled by Deborah Kingsbury
2nd Prize:  Copper Falls by Mary Oswald
3rd Prize:  The Tropical Beauty by Karin S. Cermak
Honorable Mention: Butterfly 2 by Kareen Ramsey

Category Pencil, Colored Pencil, Charcoal Pastel:

1st Prize:  Foggy Morning by Kareen Ramsey
2nd Prize:  Reagan by Phyllis Snyder
3rd Prize:  Native American by Elnora Herron
Honorable Mention: Man in Costume by Elnora Herron

Category Computer Painting, Photography:
1st Prize:  Rainy Day in Caen by Carla Hefley
2nd Prize:  Stuug by Richard Coones
3rd Prize:  Nest by Richard Coones
Honorable Mention: Appaloosa Mare & Foal A by Grace McCoy