Thursday, January 17, 2019


CHECK ONE:   New Member________    Renewing Member________

Name ___________________________  Date ______________________
Address:  ________________________ City:______________ State:  ___ Zip:_________
Phone #:  ________________________ E-Mail__________________________________
Are you an instructor?_______  If so where/type________________________________
Working Media___________________________________________________________
How can Alpha Rho Tau help you?  ___________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________
How did you learn about us?________________________________________________
Included is a photo for the membership book      ____y/n                             
Please attach with clear tape here or e-mail digital photo to
I Will Volunteer Time to Help Our Organization with/as:

Board Position (elected)
_____President                _____Vice President (Program Dir.)
_____Secretary                 _____Treasurer
Committees to serve on:
_____Historian                 _____Publicity                                  _____ Art Exhibits
_____Telephone               _____Hospitality                             _____Membership Directory
____ Host/Hostess          _____Scholarship                            _____Newsletter Editor
_____Cheer                       _____Raffle                                      _____Web site Manager
Dues are $30.00.  Make checks payable to Alpha Rho Tau
The dues year is from January 1 through December 31.
Applications are accepted at our meetings or by mail.

MAIL TO:             Alpha Rho Tau Treasurer                                                          
                                                                        P. O. Box 4290
                                                                        Tulsa, OK 74159

Scholarship Fund Donation (optional) $__________
Amount Paid_____________cash__check__check#____________

Contact ART Treasurer -
From the desk of the Treasurer:
Now that the holidays are over, and the new year is beginning it is time to renew your Alpha Rho Tau membership. The 2019 membership fee is still $30.00 and must include a completed membership form. Please check that you have included a current address, phone number and email address.  Checks received without a form will be deposited as soon as the missing form is received. Mail your renewal to:
Alpha Rho Tau Treasurer
P.O. Box 4290
Tulsa, Tulsa Ok. 74159
Your cancelled check is your receipt.  If you have any questions please feel to contact me. Looking forward to seeing you in March at our first meeting of the year.
 Treasurer- Pam Proctor