Thursday, July 5, 2018

Alpha Rho Tau Philabrook Plein Air Paint Event

Alpha Rho Tau has partnered with Philbrook's  "Second Saturday Program" 
to paint the gardens in July.

The second Saturday of each month the Public is invited to visit
 Philbrook Museum for FREE. 

This Alpha Rho Tau event is a great opportunity for you to network with the public as they watch you create art.

You may bring your business cards.
All area Artists are invited to join us to paint and fellowship in this free event.

Each Artist must bring their own art supplies, etc. 
Artists must enter through the Garden Gates (on the north side). 

Philbrook Museum will provide bottled water and Gatorade for participating Artists to drink.
Restrooms are available.

All painting medias are welcome so long as Philbrook's, Guidelines for Artists is adhered to. 

This is a free event for the Public and all Artists.

Saturday, July 14, 2018
8:00 am to 12 Noon.
2727 S. Rockford Ave.
Tulsa, OK

This is a Free Event in partnership with Philbrook's SECOND SATURDAY Program, so expect to meet a lot of people watching you paint and have a great time.
It's a great opportunity to network and share your art with others.

All Artists and art media are welcome! Please read the Philbrook Artists Guidelines for venue requirements.
Enter through the North-side Gardner's Gate.

o There are two paths that lead directly to our Gardens for working artists. Our Guest Experience Team will help you with directions when you arrive.

o Please do not take media, easels, or tripods into or through the galleries. These items are tripping hazards so please be careful not to block foot traffic in the Gardens.

o Artists are not permitted to work on the Terrace.

o Artists using wet media must cover their work area with a drop cloth.

o There are works of art installed throughout our Gardens. Please do not touch or place any materials on the sculptures or the concrete bases around the sculptures.

o Easels, tripods, and stools are tripping hazards. Please do not block foot traffic.

o Please be courteous to other visitors and staff. If someone is impeding your view, please patiently wait for them to move away.

o Thinners, turpentine, mediums, etc. must be kept with lids tightened to prevent spills.

o If there is a spill, please notify a Philbrook staff member immediately for cleanup.


o Please do not dispose of supplies, media, or any waste on Philbrook’s property.

o Do not rinse out water containers or clean brushes and other supplies in drinking fountains, water features, or restroom sinks on Philbrook’s property.

o Make sure you leave your work area clean and as you found it.

o Do not leave personal items or supplies unattended at any time. Philbrook is not responsible for lost or stolen property.