Saturday, March 24, 2018

                             Alpha Rho Tau Minutes/monthly meeting, March 19, 2018

President, Randy Oxley opened the meeting at 6:30p.m.  9 new members introduced
themselves.  Randy thanked Susan and Clyde Stanford for hosting and Janie Crean and
Carol Wise for snacks.  The November 2017 minutes were approved by 1st and 2nd and
vote from the members.  The new newsletter person will be Lindsay Patterson.  Randy
 also introduced the new board for 2018.

Treasurer, Charlene Pennington, gave the financial report:  Beginning balance-$4243.86,
 Deposits-$720.00, Expenses-$160.09, Scholarship fund-$1401.00.  Ending balance-$4803.77.
 Total members to date:  103

Janie Crean talked about Art Sharing and asked that people call her on home phone for more

Plein Air Chairperson, Linda Dunbar announced a 3 day event this year/October 19-21. 
She needs donations and sponsorships in amounts of $25-$50.  1st place prize will be $250
and 2nd place $100.  This year will also include sculptures and photography.
Exhibit report by Ken Brown:  Rose Festival in Broken Arrow, May 5th. 
Deadline for entering is our next meeting, April 16th.
Susan Hensel and Mary Osborn shared 2 paintings each, very nice!
Vice President, Karen St. Clair introduced the presenter, Carlene Wallace.  She
 demonstrated in oil a portrait of an American Indian boy-beautiful!
Presenter next month will be John P. Lassiter, a Plein Air artisit
Door prizes:  Gary Cupp donated a framed art piece and it was won by Carla Hefley. 
Linda Dunbar won the table decoration and Dewey Douglas with In Graphic Detail is
donating 16X20” scan for Gicle’e  and disc, won by Shelly DePriest.  Dewey will be donating
this as a prize each month.
The meeting ended at 8:04 p.m.