Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter
August 2014

Next General Meeting is August 18, 2014
The next meeting of Alpha Rho Tau will be held at 6:30 Monday evening, August 18th at the Hardesty Regional Library, 8316 E. 93rd St., Tulsa.

The August speaker will be Richard Coones speaking on “Graphic Arts”. Richard taught two dimensional art classes in the Art Department at N.S.U. for 36 years before retiring. In addition to teaching duties he provided Sculpture for the NSU campus, artwork for its publications and sets for pageantry productions. He obtained his BA and Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts from University of Texas in Austin, lived, painted and studied in Italy and Mexico. He developed his artistic career with exhibitions and studio work in TX and OK.  Coones has worked mainly in drawing, painting and printmaking media, and lately in computer graphics. Light, space, architecture and human form are the prime subjects of his contemplative imagery.

August Hospitality News
Thank you! We appreciate all the members who signed up to be “Cookie Angels” and “Table Decorators!!” If you are an “Angel,” please remember that we need 3 dozen sweets (brownies, mini muffins, cookies, or any treat of your choice) for the meeting. 
Cookie Angels for August are Richard Coones, Cindy Crowley, Jan Heffner and Liz McKay. Table Decorator is Robin Hutchings.
Thanks to our July “Angels”: Karin Cermak, Janie Crean, Mary Oswald and Ida Mae Sells

Planning Ahead
Due to renovations/painting at the Hardesty Library, we have had to change the date for our October members meeting to 6 October. Please mark this change on your calendar.

The NSU ART Exhibit winners are included in an attachment.

This year Art in the Square, Utica Square will be held on Saturday, 4 October, 2014. Notice of the show and entry forms are at Attachment 2 and 3.


Madelyn Raska, an Alpha Rho Tau member, is moving. She will be having a “Estate Sale” on August 14th and 15th at 8520 E. 82nd St. Tulsa. Much art and art supplies must go at low prices.