Friday, October 18, 2013

Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter, October 2013

Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter
October 2013

Monday, October 21   6:30 pm, Hardesty Library,  Frossard Auditorium

Special Guest Speaker
Oct. 21, 2013……..     Chris Wehner: “The Photographic Inspiration of Art”
Grand Prize Winner of Canon’s Nationwide contest “Project Imagin8ion” with Ron Howard, photographer Chris Wehner shares his unique experience of winning this award and traveling with Ron Howard to walk the “red carpet” at all the film premiers in Hollywood, New York and across the country.  He will talk on turning a photo into a piece of art that can inspire and move you.  Using HDR photography, Chris captured mood and emotion which inspired Ron Howard and his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard to write and produce the 25 minute short film “When You Find Me,” which Chris will also bring to show at this meeting.
      From: Broken Arrow, OK
October Helpers:
 “Cookie Angels”  Mary Maslanka, Jean Kelley, Brigid Giddens and Donna Powell.
 Please bring 3 dozen sweets (brownies, mini muffins, cookies, or any treat of your choice).
“Table Decorator”  Mary Maslanka.

Member Carla Hefley has a show at The Canebrake in Wagoner for the entire month of October.
For more information contact Carla at 918-625-8637 or email her at  Good luck Carla!

UTICA SQUARE ART SHOW---What a great new place we had to show, we need to give credit where credit is due.  Jacque Gonzales, Advisor in A.R.T. had a large part in securing the new area for our group.  Janette Head said months ago that when she wanted to change our location at Utica, Jacque Gonzales was the only one who encouraged her to follow her instinct since she was the new exhbitis chairman.  Then of course, it took having a connection to get a premuim spot, that's where  Current A.R.T. President Vinicio Perez came in and helped get us an assigned spot in the center of things, and under an awning...So it is with great thanks and gratitude to Jaque Gonzales and Vinicio Perez for forever changing the area in which A.R.T. can now show at Utica.  We received many responses back from people who said it was good not to have to be near a back alley, and get their paintings wet because there was no covering....So, everyone, plan to get your art work ready for next year! We have an awning and a space in a central location near everything, and a lot of traffic to bring you a lot of buyers!
8th Annual Member's Art Show   November 5 - 23, 2013    This will be JUDGED.
Tulsa Community College Southeast Campus Art Gallery, located in the
Student Union Building,
10300 E. 81st St. (81st St. & Hwy 169)
Tulsa, OK
Entry Deadline: October 21

Deliver Artwork: November  4,   10:00 AM-12:00 noon
Hang Artwork:  November 4

Exhibit Opens:  November 5

Artist's Reception:  November 7,  6:30 PM -8:00 PM

Exhibit Ends:  November 23

Pickup Artwork:  November 25,  10:00 AM- 12:00 Noon
The deadline for entry to the TCC all members show for this year is at the next general meeting. It will save you time and effort at the meeting if you will mail your entry to Byrene Culver, 8006 S. 75th East Avenue., Tulsa, OK 74133. This is our biggest show of the year and will be judged, so let's all get an entry in so we can have a beautiful showing of our artwork. There will be no late entries accepted.  More information and forms available online at

Please contact Jacque Gonzales at Ziegler’s, 918-584-2217 or via email: with news of any member who is ill, having surgery, or has experienced a loss.  She will send out a card from Alpha Rho Tau.  Thanks.

We are in need of items to raffle off at the meetings. Please give them to Jacque Gonzales at the meeting, she will frame any items, free of charge, to get ready for the raffle.

The treasurer would like to remind everyone that it is time to Pay your dues for  A.R.T. memberships for 2013. Memberships are $25.00 for the year. If you have not already done so, you may renew your membership at the general meetings, or you may download your application from and mail your renewal to our new treasurer:
Byrene Culver , 8006 S. 75th E. Ave. , Tulsa, OK 74133

Scholarship applications available online at or at your local college for any local college students majoring in fine arts. Deadline is October 15 and for Art Majors only!

The Proposed Final By-Law Document  will be presented at the October 21 general meeting for approval of the members and is posted online at If you would like to review it.  The New By-Laws will go into effect after the Final draft is approved by members.


Hello Artists,

We want to bring to your attention an art scam that is currently circulating in the hopes that no one will fall prey to the scammers.

The Scam:
An email claiming to be from Sarah Cammarata from North Lima, Ohio is sent requesting to buy a piece of your artwork. After hearing back from you, they send a reply stating she would like to purchase it via a check.  Reports have stated that the check is fake and written for too much. Artists are then supposed to return the balance. They will lose that money, plus never be able to cash the original check.

There may be accurate information in the email making it appear legitimate. The scammers seem to be gathering information on artwork through artist websites and possibly the OVAC Virtual Gallery.

Be cautious:
Many wonderful art opportunities and commissions stem from initial web searches and we receive numerous thank you’s for the resource the Virtual Gallery provides. However, if a scenario sounds too good to be true, feels suspicious or if there is pressure to complete the transaction quickly, chances are it may be a scam.

We appreciate you passing along this information to any arts contacts you have as well. Thank you and keep creating great work!

Kerry M. Azzarello
Operations Manager
Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition