Tuesday, September 10, 2013


At least once in five(5) years a committee is set to determine whether our Bylaws are in good standing and a sound working document to fit the needs of our organization. A committee was appointed by President Perez, at the August Board meeting, headed by Carol Mulcare and Karin Cermac, with 5 members;  Dolores Creekmore, Byrene Culver, Norman Dietert, Charlene Pennington, & Mary Oswald.  The Committee met, revised and rewrote the document. Additions, changes and corrections were approved by President Perez, before the proposed document was again approved by the board at our meeting September 3, and final changes made.

We plan to present the Bylaws in FINAL form at the September 16th general meeting.  New Bylaws will go into effect when, after being approved by the membership, they are placed into the written record, by the Secretary.

Attached is your on-line opportunity to look over our New Bylaws before the meeting, and the vote.


Draft of Proposed Bylaws