Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alpha Rho Tau Newsletter, February 2013

Special Announcement -- February 2013

It's a New Year at  A.R.T.!   We Welcome You Back!

We've got a lot of new speakers and upcoming events happening this year and right now....

Good News !

Since many of you requested another Spring Show, we are going to have an A.R.T. Miniature Show in April. This show will be held at Ziegler’s in the Art Supplies building.

The exhibit is open to all A.R.T. members in good standing.  In order to participate, your membership dues must be paid in full for 2013.  All membership application forms are available on our website and may be sent with your dues via postal mail as instructed online, or paid at the meeting on March 18.

  • We will not be restricted by the amount of miniatures that can be hung, so the good news is, you can enter up to four miniatures in this show, but all paintings must be for sale.  
  • The entry fees are also going to be “mini” as well:  only $5.00 per painting!  
  • More Good News:  you will also have an Artists’ Reception and invitations for this event!  
  • The deadline for entry is on March 25. No entries will be accepted after that
We will be accepting entry forms and checks at our March 18th Alpha Rho Tau meeting. To beat the rush, you can send your entries prior to that date to Byrene Culver, 8006 S. 75th. E. Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74133.

Entry Guidelines and Release of Liability/Entry forms are attached for your convenience and also posted online.

(For those new to the club: a miniature is an original painting 9”x12” canvas or smaller. Any size frame may be used with your entry, but all entries MUST follow entry guidelines attached, so PLEASE follow instructions carefully.)

This is a great way to start the year, so get those brushes working on those miniatures. Let’s make this show a success by having each member enter at least one miniature!!

2013 Miniature Show Entry Guidelines
2013 Miniature Show Release of Liabilty/Entry Form