Civic Art Association of Tulsa

Scholarship Committee

Alpha Rho Tau (A.R.T.) Civic Art Association of Tulsa, which promotes art appreciation in all visual art forms, is sponsoring a $1000.00 scholarship(s)  to a deserving art major(s) enrolled in a Tulsa area college or university.

STUDENTS:  Thank You for your interest in Alpha Rho Tau's Art Scholarship Program. 
An Application Form, Information, Instructions and Schedule are available here for you to download.
Completed Application, with Letter of Recommendation, and Portfolio on CD, Must be received by OCTOBER 15th  DEADLINE
Send your package to A R T Scholarship,  P O Box 700414,  Tulsa, OK  74170

Interested art students should open and print the following two documents:

Submission Information:

Is Offering
Scholastic awards available
For art majors
For Detailed Information & Scholarship Forms Contact
Your Schools Art Department
October 15th Deadline

Applicant and Art Department Information Sheet for 2015-16
Background & Guidelines for Executing

The Alpha Rho Tau Art Scholarship was initiated in 2003 under the leadership of the civic art group’s president, Joey Frisillo.  The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to deserving students who show promise of developing talents in the field of art and making future contributions to the art world.  A student must demonstrate a need for financial assistance to be considered.

When sufficient funds are available, an award(s) will be made by Alpha Rho Tau (A.R.T.) to deserving student (s).  Funding for the scholarship will come from within A.R.T. through membership participation in raffle opportunities at monthly meetings and from other sources designated by the group.  Dollar value of the scholarship(s) may vary from year to year, and will be determined by the A.R.T. Board.

Scholarship applications created especially for this award will be available from the A.R.T. secretary and/or the Scholarship Chairperson, and through the art departments at participating schools, and at our web site  A Scholarship Selection Committee, composed of designated A.R.T. Board Members, will review candidate applications and select an appropriate recipient(s) each November. 
Deadline for receipt of applications shall be October 15th.

The chosen recipient will receive a letter as soon as decision has been reached to confirm his/her acceptance of the scholarship and its obligation.  Recipients must understand that this is a one time scholarship award;  funds for which may be used only for school tuition and/or art supplies.
  The signed letter of acceptance must be returned to the A.R.T Scholarship Chairman by November 1.

Preference for recipient selection once was shown to applicants currently enrolled in art studies at the University of Tulsa, in recognition of Dr. Adah M. Robinson who founded Alpha Rho Tau on the TU campus in 1930 as a co-educational honorary art fraternity.  This preference and connection no longer exist, and our selection of recipients is from an increasing number of students and schools.
Disbursement of applications now goes through several other institutions and on line at;

The 2015-16 Scholarship recipient will be our guest at the November 16 membership meeting, at Hardesty Library, where the scholarship award will be presented and 2 pieces of the award winner’s artwork will be shown.  In addition to a cash award, the current recipient(s) will receive a 1 year membership to A.R.T. and the opportunity to present work in our 2016 shows.
Interaction with scholarship recipients at these events provides A.R.T. members the pleasure of offering encouragement to young artists and a feeling of having a part in the success of today’s students.

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Students: Your interest in our scholarship is appreciated. Please complete an application form and return it with a letter of recommendation and a CD portfolio of your recent work to the name listed below by October 15, 2015 Deadline.
Freshman & Sophomore submit 5 - 10 images.  Junior & Senior submit 10 – 15 images. 

Scholarship Consideration Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a full-time college or university art student who demonstrates the potential for a successful art career and a need for financial assistance. 
  • Applicant must NOT be or have been a professional artist. 
  • Applicant must be a citizen of the U.S. or a permanent resident of the U.S. 
  • Scholarship dollars may be used only for school tuition and/or art supplies. 
  • Recipient will be asked to sign a letter of acceptance upon notification of receiving the scholarship. 
  • Recipient will be asked, and should plan, to attend the Alpha Rho Tau presentation event to receive the award in person. (See information about the November 2015 event below.)
  • This is a one-time award.  Previous non recipient applicants may re-apply to be considered.
Deadline for return of completed form is October 15, 2015
(Please print information; return to name on instruction sheet)

Name: (first)______________________(middle)_____________________(last)_______________________
Mailing Address (with zip code): ____________________________________________________________ 
E-mail Address: _______________________________ Phone #’s  (          ) ______________cell    (        )_______________home
Applicant must be a citizen of the U.S. or a permanent resident of the U.S.
Applicant must be a full-time student. When will you graduate/complete?________________
How are you currently classified as a student? Fresh____, Soph____, Jr____, Sr____, Grad____
Briefly explain the impact this scholarship would have on you:________________________________________
What is your short-term goal as an artist?_____________________________________________________________
What is your long-term career goal?_______________________________________________________________
What art courses have you completed? _______________________________________________________________
Advisor’s name and title:___________________________________________________________________________
What is your preferred art medium? _________________________________________________________________
Are you a current recipient any other scholarship(s)? Yes / No 
Are you currently obligated with a student loan? Yes / No

Please attach a letter from your academic advisor in support of your desire to foster a career in the visual arts; 
include a non-returnable CD portfolio of images of your recent work:
  Freshmen & Sophomores 5 – 10 images,  Juniors & Seniors 10 – 15 images

(signature)____________________________________________________________ (date)___________________________
(college or university you are attending) __________________________________________________

2015 Timetable
August 21 Application information will be available from Art Departments; application forms available through
October 15 DEADLINE is October 15 for application forms to be received by A.R.T. Scholarship Committee (name listed below)
October 22 Scholarship recipient notified
November 1 Deadline for letter of acceptance to be returned to name below
November 16 Scholarship awarded at the Alpha Rho Tau membership Meeting, 6:30 p.m., at the Frossard Auditorium, Hardesty Library, 8316 E. 93rd St, Tulsa, OK.
November 16 Scholarship recipient will be invited to display two pieces of appropriate art,
not to include nudes, to the A.R.T. membership at the award presentation.

Required Submission Information:
  1. Please mail your application form,
  2. A letter of recommendation from your academic advisor,
  3. A non-returnable CD portfolio of images of your recent work: 
  5 to 10 images for freshmen & sophomores, 10 to 15 images for Juniors & Seniors  

To: A. R. T.  Scholarship Chairperson     P O Box 700414     Tulsa, OK   74170