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2017 Alpha Rho Tau Programs
March 20th  Leonard Wren 
Leonard Wren is an inspired, and internationally renowned American Impressionist that captures the joy of light and life. The paintings of Leonard Wen emanate his sincere appreciation of the beauty of the world around him. He is able to convey, without embellishment, the subtle beauty of intimate scenes.
April 17th  Monte Thompson
Originally from Arizona, Monte Thompson discovered Fine Art in his youth through images of Michelangelo’s sculptures. Working from his studio in Oklahoma City, Monte continues to develop his understanding of life through his oil paintings, drawings and sculpture, and the vitality within each medium. His artwork explores the beauty that surrounds us through visual simplicity, movement of light, and the tension of opposite but complementary qualities. He displays his artwork in various exhibitions throughout the United States.
May 15th  Evelyn Petroski
Evelyn Petroski  Is an art instructor, illustrator, and courtroom artist. Petroski thoroughly enjoys doing courtroom drawings, and loves painting or demonstrating painting techniques to students while using a live model. She also teaches workshops for appreciative art students using oils, watercolors, pastels, graphite, acrylics, and colored pencils.
June 19th  Josh Stout
After his steady rise and scorching sales record, Oklahoma artist Josh Stout continues to catch the attention of collectors across the US. From booking shows and fundraisers, to speaking and demonstrating live at events across the area, Josh Stout’s native american themed artwork really stands out. He mixes impressionist and abstract tequniques that captivate the viewer’s eye with his specific pallets knife technique.
July 17th  Becky Mannschreck
Becky Mannschreck is a multitalented artist whose creations are as spontaneous as her interest. She moves from one medium to another depending on subject matter and design style, but color and emotion are always a priority. Her acrylic paintings are bold, illustrative figures and animals, while her oil paintings are soft, serene florals and landscapes.
August 21st  Helen Howerton
Helen Howerton, a native Tulsan, has received National acclaim for her original paintings created in oil and acrylic mediums. Helen has traveled extensively to study, sketch and photograph animals in their natural environment. Her goal is to capture moments in time that convey and inspire appreciation for wildlife species in their own specific habitats. National Parks and refuges and privately held animal preserves, as well as personal observation, provide her with inspiration for her own artistic images.
September 18th  Dewey Dougless
Dewey Dougless is owner of In Graphic Detail, a printing shop here in Tulsa. Dewey plans on giving a talk about some different printing options that artists have in making duplicate copies of their artwork. Such tequniques as lithography and giclee’s will be discussed.